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Album of the Day

There's not a record of the day every day. Or most days. I'm only human! I try to write a little about each one when I can.

  • September 28 2021: Big Thief - U.F.O.F (2019) Everything Adrianne Lenker does is absolutely mesmerizing. Big Thief put out two albums in 2019 and this one is sparse and haunting.
  • August 7 2021: Tim Hecker, Daniel Lopatin – Instrumental Tourist (2012) Collaboration in the truest sense—two great artists combining their unique sounds into something truly unique, as opposed to joining one or the other's milieu. New age meets shoegaze, and gimmicky, stock synth presets like the koto and sitar are taken seriously and given space to shine.
  • March 23 2020: Man Sized Action - Claustrophobia (1983) Great post-punk record veering on hardcore, from the first band directly influenced by Hüsker Dü. These guys were part of a rabid fanbase that wrestled in the pit of every Dü show, called the Hüsker Veggies.